Dec 6, 2023

The Power of Authenticity: Featuring Genuine Moments in Branding Photography

Owning a business takes grit, determination, blood, sweat, and tears. It is not for the faint-hearted. At Show Your Spark, we love igniting our clients’ brands through branding photography in a way that displays our client’s personalities and businesses.

Branding photography serves as the first impression for your business, so you want to make sure your photos accurately represent you and your brand.  

We recently created branding portraits for Deanna Murphy and Ashley Sexton, the co-owners of Verde Salon. They wanted photos that documented their personalities, their work, and their team approach to running a business. We think we delivered!

Keep reading to learn more about their experiences with branding photography at Show Your Spark.  

Side by side image of the business owners of Salon Verde in branding photography by Lindsay Hite.

Overcoming Obstacles

Reflecting on our eleven-year journey as business owners, I am filled with immense pride for how far we have come. From our humble beginnings in a 500-square-foot space, we now stand as proud owners of a 15,000-square-foot building. Along the way, we encountered obstacles in the form of skeptics and doubters who questioned our audacious ideas. While their fearful comments may have momentarily shaken our confidence, they never deterred us from pursuing our vision. Instead, we firmly planted our feet, trusting our instincts and staying true to our core beliefs.

Side by side branding photography image of co-business owners. Photography by Lindsay Hite.

Creating an Uplifting Environment

Verde is a sustainable salon, where eco-efforts are at the forefront of our business. We take pride in prioritizing our incredible team and nurturing a loyal client base that has witnessed our growth over the years.

When I first embarked on this journey at the age of 16, my reasons were admittedly more aligned with the whims of a teenager. All I wanted was to dress well and have fabulous hair, just like the hairstylists I admired. Little did I know that my youthful vanity would lead me to a fulfilling career.

Now, as a coach and leader for our team, one of my greatest joys is seeing the smiles on our clients’ faces and witnessing their newfound confidence. Making someone feel great about themselves is truly a rewarding experience.

“Making someone feel great about themselves is truly a rewarding experience.”

If there’s one thing I could shout from the rooftops, it would be our unwavering commitment to treating our team members with respect, listening to their voices, and fostering a work environment that fills them with pride. This positive energy naturally spills over into their interactions with our guests, creating a culture like no other.

Woman wearing a black hat, sitting at her computer and podcasting microphone.  Branding photography by Lindsay Hite.

Displaying a Genuine Connection

Ashley and I are on an exciting new chapter as salon coaches. Our recent branding session with Lindsay Hite at Show Your Spark aimed to capture the essence of our journey, showcasing us in our natural work environment, effortlessly coaching our team members, and even recording captivating podcasts.

Our primary objective was to provide a glimpse into our personalities and the daily activities that fuel our passion. Through these visuals, we hope to convey not only our expertise but also the genuine connection we share with our team and clients.

Photograph of co-business owners sitting at a table with coffee preparing to record a podcast. Photography by Lindsay Hite.

Documenting Who We Are

Personally, my favorite aspect of our branding session with Show Your Spark was being able to be myself. Anyone who has had to take photos professionally knows that you can feel very uncomfortable or even awkward trying to portray yourself without feeling fake. Lindsay did a great job of making us feel comfortable and helping us document who we are in photos; which to me is incredible.

The photos from our session made me feel more comfortable calling myself a coach and a leader.

Casual headshot of a woman with brown wavy hair wearing a t-shirt and flannel button down shirt. Photography by Lindsay Hite.

Feeling Comfortable as Myself

Looking back at the experience and the resulting photos, I appreciate the photos of myself wearing clothes that I feel comfortable wearing which helped me look and feel like myself.  I also really liked the photos of Ashley and me together because they accurately document how we work on a daily basis. The photos came out better than I could’ve imagined.

Casual headshot of a woman wearing an ochre colored dress with a denim jacket.  Photography by Lindsay Hite.

Sharing Your Branding Photography Vision

I would definitely recommend Lindsay for a branding experience with anybody. My advice would be to dress as yourself and think about how you want to be portrayed. After sharing your vision with Lindsay, she will figure out how to document your true self and your meaning.

Display Your Genuine Moments Through Branding Photography

Let us help you ignite your brand and put your personality and work on display! We would be honored to help you create photos you’ll love to share as you grow your business. Simply contact us by filling out our inquiry form and we’ll take it from there!

Many thanks to Deanna Murphy and Ashley Sexton for sharing their story with us! Learn more about their work at Follow them on Instagram

Side by side image of 2 co-business owners sitting on a green cough with flora behind them. Branding photography by Lindsay Hite.

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