Oct 25, 2022

Self-Love and Liberation Mini-Retreat Recap

Women from all walks of life gathered at the Show Your Spark studio, located in Braintree, MA, for the Self-Love and Liberation mini-retreat featuring embodiment coach Sarah Gaines

At this free event open to everyone who identifies as a woman, we danced, laughed, made new friends, and caught up with ones we haven’t seen in years. These amazing humans showed up unsure of exactly what to expect but opened their hearts and minds to shake off the mundane, tune into their magic, and show their spark through a true embodiment experience.  

There is immense power in women coming together to say, “I deserve to feel free in my body. I deserve to take up space. I am enough. We are enough!” That is just what we did!

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Bringing the Magic of Women Together

The Self-Love and Liberation mini-retreat was an event in the making for over two years. After a hiatus from group events due to the pandemic, we finally brought the magic of women together for a collective embodiment masterclass and body liberation photography event.  

Every day our studio is filled with women discovering their strength, beauty, confidence, and inner spark on an individual basis. We wanted to bring that energy to a different level through a group experience in the studio. 

Part One: A Self-Love and Embodiment Masterclass

The day started with greeting everyone in the space and sharing the vision for the day. Once settled and comfortable, we rolled out our yoga mats in the back studio where Sarah Gaines led us in a live virtual embodiment masterclass created by her, entitled Joyflow™. Joyflow™ is an intuitive movement practice that leads women to discover their own joy through a guided, playful journey of breath, yoga, ecstatic dance, laughter, and sound.

 A dear friend to the Show Your Spark Studio, Sarah has such a unique way of ushering forth the best from one’s soul. Her masterclass helped us all feel more confident in our own skin and able to tap into our unique power. We were honored to have her join us for the day!

Part Two: A Body Liberation Group Portrait Session

Following the Joyflow session, we took that energy to the front studio where the attendees stripped down and stood confidently, shoulder to shoulder, trusting me to see the beauty, softness, and strength radiating from within each woman for a group portrait. They truly stood in their power together. It gave me the chills to witness their vulnerability!

The resulting portrait was a stunning image of women, different, diverse, and beautiful, all standing together proud, united, and strong in their bodies. These women linked arms together in unity, despite their differences, in the belief that we all deserve to feel at home in our bodies and strong within ourselves.

Results: Transformation in Community

Each woman found a sense of peace and solidarity as they posed together. Despite their unique challenges and triumphs as women in the world, in front of my camera lens, we all realized how much we have in common. The commonality of our shared experiences as women was palpable at that moment.  

It was beautiful to see the transformation in women’s hearts that day. Most walked through the door a little bit unsure of what to expect. Gradually they each began to embrace their confidence through the Joyflow™ session with Sarah Gaines, moving to music and feeling their power embodied in physical form. Then, when we came together for the group portrait sessions, everyone surpassed their own expectations by stepping into their confidence in ways previously unexpected. 

Attendee Testimonies

The day flew by in a blink of an eye but it was powerful for all who attended. I’m so grateful to everybody for showing up fully and embracing their power to show their spark on this day. 

Here’s what attendees had to say:

“I had an absolutely amazing time and truly enjoyed the whole experience!” – Jodie

“Ladies, I cannot thank you enough for such an incredible day and experience! I met some amazing ladies and had pure fun! It was the absolute highlight of this weekend. I left feeling like a superstar and loved Sarah’s Joyflow class!” – Stephanie

“Such a great day…thank you all for the empowering experience.” – Donna

“What an incredible day!! The energy was next level!! It’s amazing what can happen when you fill a studio with a group of badass babes!! I floated out of the door!.” – Michelle

Stay Tuned!

To those who attended the event, thank you for joining the Show Your Spark movement, where we believe EVERY woman deserves to let her light shine, take up space, and declare, “I am enough!” Thank you for showing up and fully embracing your power to show your spark collectively with us.  

Stay tuned for future workshops and events designated to help you step into your confidence, power, and strength. 

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