Mar 8, 2020

Exuding Confidence

Meet Laura, one of the amazing womxn I’ve had the honor of photographing lately. Having Laura share about her Spark Experience is such a treat! I so enjoyed having her here in the studio with me and seeing her shine. As you read her story, I hope you feel emboldened and free to step into something new for yourself as well.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay through our fitness involvement in Boston. I’m in my late twenties and am currently working in the health insurance industry, doing their marketing and event planning. Moving back to Boston after being in college in Virginia, I definitely struggled with finding a community, doing things that I was passionate about, and finding my space in the world. Over time, I was able to build relationships and find a community through fitness.

The friendships I made were so genuine and gave me more confidence, increased my self awareness, and made me more present – which in turn have guided me to make some huge life decisions to go after things I really want in life. I’m proud that I continue to go outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself, while also maintaining a strong sense of who I am and what I stand for.

What were you most excited about when you booked your Spark Session?

What made the Spark Session so exciting was approaching something that was totally out of my comfort zone. Through this experience, it helped me embrace my natural beauty and sexuality, something that I have never been confident in before. It was also a nice treat to be pampered by getting my hair and makeup done!

How did it feel when you stepped through the doors and your own Spark Experience started?

I was definitely nervous leading up to the session. Sexiness has never been in my wheelhouse, but walking through the doors Lindsay and her team make you feel so welcome, sexy, and confident. Her bubbly personality makes you feel so at ease and SAFE. Being vulnerable with her was so easy, and she made the experience so much fun with absolutely no pressure!

What was a favorite moment during your session?

I think my favorite moment during the session was after a few minutes when we had first started shooting and I began to really take in the whole experience and let go of my nervousness. I trusted Lindsay and began to feel as good as she was telling me that I looked. It was so freeing!

What did you learn about yourself through the Spark Experience that surprised you?

I was so amazed at how beautifully Lindsay captured me in the photos. Throughout the experience she was so encouraging and I learned that I can be sexy, silly, and confident all at the same time. And that it is so important to embrace your inner beauty. I think sometimes as a culture women are almost “shamed” into being too risque, bearing too much skin, or they’re afraid to be seen as a “sex symbol.” But feeling good in your sexuality, and saying “damn! Yes, I am beautiful, I am sexy, and I am proud to show it, ‘flaws’ and all” should be encouraged.

Which photograph means the most to you to see now, looking back on the experience and why?

Looking back at my experience, some of the photos that mean the most to me are the photos where I exude confidence, particularly in a pose I thought that I would look silly in. But putting my trust in Lindsay and embracing the experience allowed me to not only show a different side of me, but also empower me. Other photos that touched me were photos in which she captured my essence, looks and facial expressions that really revealed my personality and how I hope others view me. 

Thank you Lindsay for encouraging not only self love but also love to all others.

You’re so welcome, Laura. Thank you for sharing your story! 

What I love about Laura’s journey is how she’s continually pushing herself to break out of just being comfortable and move forward into new spaces that allow her to get to know different sides of herself. Embracing all the pieces of who she is, even letting herself be surprised from time to time, has given her a chance to explore and experience beautiful things. 

Can you relate to Laura’s story? Does your heart race at the idea of being photographed like this? If you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace yourself more fully, I’d love to talk about your own Spark Experience! 

Yes, please! I’m ready to trust the process!

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