Jul 11, 2023

7 Reasons We Love Heels for Boudoir Photography

Can we tell you a secret?  

As Show Your Spark, we LOVE heels for our Spark Sessions (aka boudoir photography sessions).  The taller the heel, the better for boudoir photography!  We love them so much, in fact, that we have an entire collection of heels available for our clients to borrow during their sessions!   They are one secret sauce we use to help our clients shine brightly!

Of course, each of our clients is THE true secret sauce and the reason we created our luxury photography studio. We hope that each woman who enters our doors would feel seen, celebrated, encouraged, and empowered to let their unique inner light shine bright! 

Wearing heels for your photography session might not change your life, but it could! If you aren’t a huge fan of heels, your opinion might change by the end of this article!

Are you ready?  Here are the top 7 reasons why we love heels for boudoir photography.

Woman in black lingerie on her back with her feet in black heels in the air.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

#1. Heels Elongate Your Legs

Wearing heels naturally elongates the legs by creating a nice point at the end, drawing the observer’s eyes down the length of the leg. The taller the heel, the longer the leg!

Side by side image of two women standing in heels in front of white curtains. Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

#2. Heels Accentuate Feminine Curves

Wearing heels engages your calf muscles, creating additional definition to your muscles and accentuating the natural curves in your legs and butt! 

Woman in white lingerie and silver heels lying on a wooden floor in front of white curtains. Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

#3. Heels Boost Your Confidence

There’s just something about heels that helps women feel extra fancy, beautiful, and sexy!  They encourage you to lift your chest and stand a little taller, creating a boost of confidence palpable on and off camera! 

Side by side image of a woman in green lingerie with a black backdrop.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

#4. Heels Create Versatile Portraits

Heels are super fun to pose with! From sitting on the floor to popping one leg up, there are so many creative poses to bring attention to the shoes and feel playful in the process.

Side by Side image with women in black, on the left a woman with a professional look with heels and on the right, a woman in black lingerie and knee-high black high heeled boots. 
Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

#5. Heels Express Your Personality

Shoes express your personality and style! Many people come to us with shoes they love, but rarely have the chance to wear because the pandemic kept them from going out, or they just haven’t had an occasion! This is your time to shine!  Feel free to experiment with vibrant hues, patterns, and sparkly embellishments to inject a little “extra” into your portraits.

Woman in black lingerie and purple heels.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

#6. Experiment with Unwearable Shoes

Do you have shoes you love, but aren’t comfortable to wear?  Or perhaps, you don’t want to risk scuffing them up ((hello Louboutins!) so you rarely wear them?  If so, your Spark Sessions is the perfect time to wear what we call “sit down shoes” – you put them on, and then sit down! You can walk barefoot to the spot in the studio where you will pose, and pop them on! So you can enjoy the look of them for a long time to come, but only have to wear them for a few minutes 🙂

Side by side image of women in black lingerie kneeling on a sofa with black heels.  Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

#7. Be Creative and Playful

Allow yourself to play with your creative side with a pair of fun heels!  Allow yourself to be transported to a fantasy world of your making with a pair of heels you might not wear in everyday life.  Are you looking for an elegant glamorous look?  Pop on a pair of classic tall black pumps?  What to channel your inner sex pot, slip into a pair of stilettos?  Heels can elevate the overall aesthetic of your images, creating the look you desire!

Side by side image of a woman in heels.  On the left, while wearing a red tutu and black strappy heels.  On the right, the same woman standing in tall red tie-up heels. Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

That’s a Wrap!

As you can tell, heels have a way of enhancing each and every Spark Session, even if they aren’t even visible in the created portraits. From confidence booster, to curve enhancer, these playful accessories add a little whimsy, elegance, and sparkle to an already unique and special experience and resulting portraits.  

If you still aren’t sold on heels, that’s okay! Though we suggest you give them a try during your Spark Session, we also love creating images with bare feet (or any other kind of shoe) as well!  

Are you a heels lover?  Yes or no!

Woman sitting in a red velvet chair in a white jacket with silver sparkly shoes.  

Boudoir photography by Lindsay Hite.

If this post has you wanting to try ALL the heels in an upcoming Spark Session, we’ve got you (and your feet) covered! Simply contact us by filling out our inquiry form and we’ll take it from there!

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  3. Rock the session like the bright light you are, and create beautiful, tangible artwork to inspire you for the rest of your life.

Remember, you are powerful, courageous, and one of a kind! It’s time to show your spark!

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